About us

Shiralea Came To Life In 2007 When A Group Of Travelling Friends Fell In Love With The Lush Jungles And Stunning Beaches Of Koh Phangan. They Banded Together To Carve Out The Perfect Slice Of Paradise So That They And Others Could Return Year After Year…. Nestled Between The Tropical Trees, Away From The Hustle And Bustle Of The Rest Of The Island, Shiralea Radiates An Air Of Modest Relaxation With A Vibrant Nightlife. Our Charm Lies In Our Simplicity, Encouraging Our Guests To Experience The Humble Lifestyle Of A Tropical Island, While Still Having Access To Modern Luxuries Such As Free Internet Access, Delicious Food (Thai And Western Options), Hot Showers, A Fully Stocked Cross-Fit & Weights Gym And A Modern Swimming Pool Deep Enough To Complete Your PADi Training. (Check Out Our Photos To See Our Other Facilities)

13 years of good vibes!!