9 Jobs You Can Travel With

9 Jobs You Can Travel With

When you travel overseas you are bound to find a place you want to stay for longer than you had planned.
All of us working at Shiralea Backpackers Resort started out on a short holiday to Thailand, we extended our stay and now live and work here. We are situated in Haad Yao, also known as "Sticky Beach" because of all the foreigners who end up sticking around.

If you are going overseas or want to stay longer in a country you have fallen in love with, here are some ideas to help your bank balance:

Bar Tender
Perhaps do a quick bar tending course before you head overseas if you have no experience in bar work. A very fun and social type of work and many job opportunities wherever you go.

Tour Guide
You don't have to be local to be a tour guide or bus driver, although patience and good problem solving skills go a long way as you can expect to manage tour groups of sometimes 30 plus people. A great sense of humour is a must.

English Teaching
A short TEFL course could have you teaching English anywhere. English is the official business language of the world so the demand for English teachers is never ending. Great way to immerse yourself in a new culture and get to know a few locals. Pay can vary depending on country but you are always able to earn enough to live a good lifestyle in whichever country you decide to teach in. Contracts are available and some even include flights and accommodation! And don't worry about language barriers, they prefer it if you can only speak English!

Dive Instructor
If you love the sea and marine life and you don't see yourself in an office then this could be the answer for you. Spend your days teaching people how to scuba dive. People really enjoy the process of becoming a master diver or instructor. A great social aspect combined with a fun job. Check out Sail Rock Divers on Koh phangan and see if diving is your thing.

Super Yachts
This job has a pretty good rep for bringing in the dough. There's a lot of hard work but you get to step off the boat and party in some great places around the world, females typically go into stewardess roles i.e cleaning, waitressing etc and the blokes are often deck hands. The qualification you will need is a short course (couple of days) called STCW95 and it involves sea survival and fire safety, you also need an ENG1 which is like a seafarers medical exam for your employers insurance policy. Sometimes finding a job can take a while but head to the south of France during the euro summer and you could be in luck. Be prepared to work a lot of hours and to the highest standards.

If you are a journalist or a travel writer there's tonnes of ways to make money typing away on your laptop whilst sipping piƱa coladas on the beach. Loads of writers pass through Shiralea Backpackers and as long as they have Wifi they are happy. Matador network has a lot of information on writing for a living and they also have an online travel writing course. You can hook into their community and publish your work there, this is just one of many writing platforms. Fantastic!

Online Business
Check out a book called 'How to Make Money While You Sleep' by Brett Mc Fall, and be inspired to jump into the world of the web. There's so much opportunity to make money online. Low over heads are a big advantage and you won't be limited to one time zone or retail hours, have the opportunity to travel while you work. Who doesn't want to make money while sleeping?

Nanny Au Pair
Either living with a family or separately. Liking children is a must- you will be responsible for your bosses most loved little people in the world. You will want to have a drivers license and also a first aid course for children under your belt. If you are lucky you may get to travel with the family to cool places.

Ski Season
A great experience whether you are a beginner or experienced in the snow. Work on the mountain or in the ski town in bars, restaurants, ski hire and much more. Just make sure you find a cool job that allows you time to hit the slopes. Warning - you may spend your money on beer most nights and have the best time of your life.

Working overseas is ideal during your travels, you can prevent dipping into your savings daily and you will earn extra money for your next adventures. All of us at Shiralea can relate to wanting to stay a bit longer and slowly creating another life in an unexpected place, that my friend, is the beauty of travel.
Chok Dee!



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