How To Stay Mates While You Travel

How To Stay Mates While You Travel

We have seen thousands of mates travel together over the years whilst running a backpackers resort in Thailand. Sometimes these people stay mates and unfortunately sometimes they don't.
You probably value the person you are traveling with as you decided to go on an adventure together... let's make sure you continue to have an amazing relationship! Here is our guide to staying mates while traveling.

Travel on the same budget-
It's difficult to get on the same page with your bro during your travels when one of you doesn't have to worry at all about money at all, and the other is penny pinching at every moment. Whether you are the broke friend or the cashed up one you may find yourself resenting each other due to different budgets. Have a good chat before you hit the road about your budgets for each place and aim for the same figures.

Travel with the right person-
Choosing the right person to travel with is the key. You will be sharing most of your time and experiences together. Pick someone who you respect and enjoy spending time with. If you only like your mate in small doses don't travel with them. If you don’t agree with their views on the world, don’t roam the world with them.

When you miss your boyfriend or girlfriend at home-
I know you miss your boyfriend like crazy and maybe two months is an insane amount of time to spend apart but that was your choice. Have as much fun as you can without them, enjoy every moment. Don't spend your whole trip on Skype or constantly talk about how much you miss your partner to your travel mates. Have a bloody great time instead and go home with some good stories for them.

Be considerate-
The most common complaint we hear from friends travelling together is “She is so selfish!”
When you are planning your day consider each others needs/wants. Think of your friend who is sleeping before you bring some random dude back to your room. Treat each other as you would like to be treated. Sounds simple, but it seems to be one of the big problems for friends traveling together.

Have days apart-
Do separate things now and again, one person do a dive course, cooking course, hike etc. You are bound to want to do different activities, make it fair and ensure you both get to do the things you want to experience whilst traveling, get refreshed with a bit of space from time to time.

Accept that you are going to have disagreements-
Even the most compatible people are bound to have disagreements along the way, sharing rooms, planning days ahead, different opinions, getting lost en route to the next spot is all part of the deal. Accept that disagreements are a part of the experience and try to be as understanding of each other as possible during these times. Neither of you are right, you are just different.

Don't make your mate third wheel by adding in a holiday boyfriend or girlfriend-
Remember who you came to see the world with. Everyone seems so much sexier when you are in romantic and fun places, it's easy to fall in love in paradise. If you meet someone you fancy during your trip please respect your friends travel experience and stick to the plan. You can’t bear to part with your new found love? Check first with your friend before adding them into your travel plans. Maybe you could meet up with the new love interest after your trip? Nobody wants to become a third wheel during their big OE.

Have fun with each other-
Don't wait till you head out to a bar and meet new people before you come alive, have fun together where ever possible. Take some cards with you and have a speed tournament, get drunk together in the middle of the day on your balcony or play “I Have Never” on a bus ride. Make your time together fun and memorable.

Only offer someone to join your travel group if you mean it-
"Oh wow we are in Vietnam for September too! You should travel with us!" - make sure you mean it when you say this kind of thing because they may just end up spending that month with you. Check with your travel mates first before inviting other people along.

Try to be a good drunk- (when you master this one please let us know the secret)
Don't be that guy your mate has to babysit on his first ever Full Moon Party. Be a good drinking buddy. Pace yourself if you tend to get wasted too fast. This is a tricky one as we all have our moments. Working in a bar I have often watched someone be in good form for weeks of partying and then absolutely fuck out randomly, mixing spirits, too many tequilas, whatever it is, it happens. If you are not a great drinker try to find a way to be bearable for the people around you. I personally have a “no shots” rule for myself- too many tequilas always turn my night upside down.

Know each other and accept each other-
Accept each others strengths and weaknesses and use it to your advantage. No point in getting mad at each other for core personality traits. You guys might as well use them to your advantage wherever possible and accept each other for who you are. Nobody is perfect and each of us have blind spots.

When one person gets sick...
Getting sick is unavoidable, be understanding. Your mate didn't want to be sick and or ruin your trip. Be a good friend and get them some Panadol.

Take responsibility for yourself-
Manage your money, set your own alarms for travel days, take care of your travel insurance, watch your own belongings.

Staying friends while traveling is easy if you stay grateful that you are experiencing the world together and don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy each other and have fun. Even the best of friends can come up against tough moments. If you guys work on being good travel buddies you will leave this experience feeling more like family members.
Chok dee!



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