The Story of Shiralea (the short version)

The Story of Shiralea (the short version)

Six years ago the bar I am typing this blog from did not exist. Shiralea was nothing but an idea in our minds over beers on the perfect beach, Haad Yao.
We, a group of travel bums back in those days, had been regularly visiting Thailand since 2005. We realised that the magic of staying in chilled out and affordable bungalows was disappearing rapidly and being replaced by big resorts and hotels... the price of progress.
We decided to buy some land sitting on our favourite stretch of beach, and start our own resort. Our dream was to create a perfect place that would satisfy fellow backpackers for years to come, to keep the magic alive and stay true to the beach vibe.
Clearing the land and constructing the bungalows was the first step, then we built the pool, restaurant and bar. We designed Shiralea as a little village, bungalows spread out between coconut trees, the restaurant and bar was created to feel like a giant living room, somewhere people could come together and chill out, a place where strangers could become friends easily.
Naming the resort was the next step, as any intelligent person would do we searched for our name within the ‘Star Trek – The Next Generation’ series. Episode 220 features a simulation of a planet called Shiralea VI. Now we’re not Trekkies and we’ve never followed the series but we came across the meaning of the planet Shiralea VI and we thought it was rad, it suited what we are all about here. Shiralea Backpackers Resort was born!
As described in Episode 220: “A beautiful world inhabited by a colonial group of free spirits concerned only with love and pleasure. It’s famed for its concept of ‘laughing hour’. Artists and poets live there. It is guarded by wild dancers and only those who are glad of heart may enter. Here, music, strength, life and all pleasurable pursuits come together in a single place”
Shiralea has become a large family and the guests who come to stay with us become a part of our unique tribe of travelers quickly. Thailand is our home now and we welcome you to be a part of it. We hope you enjoy your Shiralea experience and create the holiday you have always wanted.
Chok Dee!
Shiralea Fam



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